Nado con tortugas

Nado con tortugas

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About the city

Máncora District is a district in the Talara Province of the Piura Region in northwestern Peru. Its capital is the beach resort town of Máncora. MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS • The South Beach. Even in low season, Máncora's main beach can get crowded. • The Main Beach. You might spot some pelicans and crabs there. At certain times of the year Humpback Whales & Dolphins can be seen from the shore.

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Snorkeling Con Tortugas

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Start navigating to see the fauna of the area such as sea lions, frigates, boobies among other spices. Then you will drift to a quiet area where you can bathe in the sea and be able to snorkel so you can observe the curious green turtles swimming free in their natural habitat.


Summer Clothes and Mid Season (jacket for the trip, poncho raincoat for rainy seasons Jan - April).

Bath for a visit to the waterfall.

Towels, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal toiletries kit

Slippers for hiking


Nado con tortugas
Nado con tortugas