Tour Huacachina + Buggy & Sandboarding

Tour Huacachina + Buggy & Sandboarding

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About the city

The city of Ica is the capital of the Ica Region in southern Peru. In the city is located The Huacachina Lagoon, the only oasis in South America, surrounded by huge sand dunes where you can practice sandboarding. There are several vineyards and wineries, which produce Pisco, the national beverage, and wine. Also you can visit The Museo de Piedras Grabadas.

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Buggies and Sandboard Ica

day 0 - Buggie y Sandboard Ica - Shared service

Pick up from hotel or bus station.

Start of the tour, according to the selected schedule.

The program of Sandboarding is an adventure tour that combines trekking, wonderful scenery, and a lot of fun.

You will start seeing beautiful landscapes where you will enjoy the desert of Ica, after 30 minutes you will reach a point where you can begin the hike to the top of the dunes of Huacachina.

The guide will indicate a path that makes the conquest of this dune much easier. The walk is not very hard in the beginning, but if it gets a little difficult once you reach the sandy slopes of the hill.

Once you have conquered the summit, you will take a well deserved rest. Afterwards, you will receive the safety instructions of the guide, so that you can enjoy this sport in a safe way. You will start practicing on a few of the many sand dunes that are at the top, where the guide will teach you how to use the table, and some styles that are fun. So, once you have practiced enough, you will slip skirt down.

At the end of the tour, you will return to your hotel or the bus station.


  • You can take the tours starting from 10:00 am, the duration is 1hr 20min.
  • Only the tour at 4:00 pm lasts 2 hours.
  • Advisable to take the tour at 4:00 pm to appreciate the sunset.
  • For this excursion it is necessary to bring light clothing, as in the desert it may be very hot, especially during the summer months (December to March), where the average temperature is 35º C during the day.
  • If you do this excursion in the afternoon it is recommended to bring a jacket, since there could be cold winds.
  • It is also recommended to bring water, a hat, and sunscreen.


Tour Huacachina + Buggy & Sandboarding
Tour Huacachina + Buggy & Sandboarding